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If you or a loved one suffers from sleep apnea it may become necessary to use an oxygen concentrator in addition to a CPAP machine. A CPAP machine is used for obstructive sleep apnea or OSA. This condition is when the muscles in your throat cannot support their own weight while you are sleeping. Often times, a first sign would be a sleeping partner mentioning or complaining about your snoring, a common symptom of sleep apnea. It’s also extremely common for the patient to feel restless and run-down when they wake up; often being accompanied by headaches and other signs of not receiving enough oxygen at night.

Some great ongoing deals on Oxygen Accessories:

Oxygen Tubing Swivel Connector

Salter Labs Oxygen Swivel Tubing Connector helps solve the tangled oxygen tubes. As people undergoing oxygen therapy move around, the oxygen tubing has a tendency of becoming tangled. Tangles and twists in the tubing have the potential to hinder the flow of oxygen. One contributing factor to tubing becoming tangles is the tubing can become twisted and torque. With the swivel tubing connector, tension that causes twisting of the tubing can be prevented by moving with the tubing and preventing it from twisting. This product features an in-line component that is used to attach tubing to increase its length. Because of its construction, the oxygen connector confers a “swivel action” between tubing, which, in turn, enables increased patient mobility. The swivel action of this oxygen tubing connector makes it a very useful accessory for supplemental oxygen therapy patients who tend to move frequently during their sleep. Those who prefer to sleep on their sides would also benefit from the wider range of motion using this connector provides.

Medline HCS8725M Mini Oxygen Regulator

These low cost regulators are fitted with a brass sleeve around key parts. All regulators are laser etched to eliminate flaking and rub-off. Test method for evaluating the ignition. Sensitivity and fault tolerance of oxygen. Regulators for all medical and emergency applications.





New OxyArm Plus With Nasal Cannula Arm & Oxygen Supply

The unique OxyArm incorporates a telephone like headset and adjustable cannula arm, , to provide a direct nasal cannula interface without direct contact to the cheeks or ears. The head band adapts quickly for left or right sided positioning and is adjustable so that you’re sure to get a comfortable fit. Usage Information: The OxyArm is compatible with flow settings from 1 to 15 LPM.



Lightning X O2 Mini Oxygen Regulator

Constant flow oxygen regulator made for any tank with an 870 CGA fitting like in the main product picture. Flow rate is user adjustable from 0 to 15 liters per minute. Includes cylinder wrench for turning on and off the flow of oxygen from the cylinder. Brand: Lightning X Products, Inc – FDA Owner/Operator #10051897.




Healva 2 Packs Adult Europe Standard Oxygen Mask

Healva oxygen mask is made up of mask and tube. Suitable for adults, children and infants, choose a suitable size. Generally used for Clinical oxygen treatment, especially for patients with dyspnea and hypoxia . Every unit is individual packed with PE bag. It is for single use. If the package is damaged, please do not use it. Be sure to store them in places with dry, ventilated and no corrosive gas condition.

An oxygen concentrator Christmas tree isn’t a festive decoration that you put up in your home – it’s used as an important little piece of hardware that helps to make sure the oxygen tubing stays in place on the concentrator.

Issyzone Oxygen Cylinder Bag Dual Oxygen Cylinder Holder for Wheelchair Walker Oxygen Tank Holder with Nice Mesh Storage Pocket Fits D and E Oxygen Tanks

Issyzone Oxygen Cylinder Bag Dual Oxygen Cylinder

Issyzone Oxygen Cylinder bag helps simplify any oxygen tank user with a wheelchair's life Features: ------ An economical alternative to steel tank holders ------ Adjustable straps and hook&loop design ------ Extra supplies with nice mesh storage pocket ------ Perfect to fit size D, E and O2 oxygen tank , small tanks ------ Dual oxygen holder bag design Buy It With Confident, And Having Fun with Your Family Who Needs An Oxygen Tank.Universal Fits - Perfectly fits all wheelchairs and walkers. With this…

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