Monday , June 17th 2019
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Portable Cool Mist Inhaler Vaporizer Kit with Air Tubing, Vaporizer Cup

Product Features:

    Package Included:    1x Air Tubing    1x Inhaler Cup    1x Tee Adapotor    1x  Boqullia    1x Tubo de despotio corrugadoPackage included:As shown in the photo.Blue Vaporizer Kit,Sturdy and Comfortable.Just like what the hospital uses.Light,easier for holding it and using.Worked well, form, fix and function as stated.
Price as on: 2019-05-27 01:46:02

Product Description

Package Included:

    1x Air Tubing

    1x Inhaler Cup

    1x Tee Adapotor

    1x  Boqullia

    1x Tubo de despotio corrugado

Product Features

  • Package included:As shown in the photo.
  • Blue Vaporizer Kit,Sturdy and Comfortable.
  • Just like what the hospital uses.
  • Light,easier for holding it and using.
  • Worked well, form, fix and function as stated.